Thursday, October 2, 2014


Let’s talk about that pink elephant in the room; or rather that discomfort in your intestine you keep making excuses for, to avoid embarrassment. Let’s be honest here: this is a problem that doesn’t go away by ignoring it! Constipation is the butt of many a joke (sorry, couldn’t resist), but when you’re the one suffering, it really isn’t a laughing matter; after all, constipated people don’t make two million trips to doctors’ offices annually for the fun of it!

Whether a bad diet brings it on, inherited from family (thanks, Great Grandma), or simply an isolated bad bout of luck, there are options that can help, and often, produce almost immediate results! Massage therapy is a terrific go-to choice for constipation, as it aids in peristalsis, your intestines’ “squeeze-and-push-through” method of moving bile through and out. Peristalsis is interrupted in many cases of that annoying & uncomfortable backed-up condition, and massage gives your system a reboot.

What can I expect in a therapeutic massage treatment for my constipation?

You will receive an abdominal massage only as a focal point during your session. In other words, the therapist will not spend the entire hour massaging your abdomen; it is necessary to have a full body massage to relax you, because a tense body will not be as easy to cooperate with constipation massage. The abdominal massage will consist of pressured directional techniques. As always, open communication (especially about pressure tolerance) with your therapist will ensure the best possible experience for you!

In compliance with etiquette and state law, the same proper draping will be applied for an abdominal massage as it is with other massage routines. Genitalia will not be exposed, and neither will female breast tissue. A bare abdomen will ensure the best quality in abdominal massage; however, we can accommodate clients that prefer to keep their abdomens draped.

Side note: if you are pregnant, please seek help from your OBGYN or midwife for constipation. Abdominal massage is contraindicated for pregnant women.

Massage at The Oil Bar

Our aromatherapy upgrades cost just $5 more, but is you use the coupon below, you will receive a free aromatherapy upgrade using either Peppermint or Sweet Orange essential oils, which are both indicated for aiding in constipation.

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